Retail Management

Remote Eyes Retail Management

With remote eyes, the odds are in your favor

Today, you are faced with the need to not only manage multiple stores, but to fight a shrinkage problem that averages $32 Billion a year (with over 44% due to employees). How?

The answer is the Remote Eyes retail surveillance system. This is a management solution that not only provides security but helps your business become more profitable by reducing shrinkage and increasing worker productivity. Using Virtual Circuit Television (VCTV), the Remote Eyes retail surveillance system integrates with your existing point of service equipment and access and control. Plus it allows you to view and manage multiple locations remotely.

It's the perfect combination of application, integration, and security - giving you the ultimate tool for managing your business, whether it is convenience stores, drug stores, discount stores, or bars and restaurants.

The Security Research Project

The Security Research Project endeavors to study various elements of workplace related crime and deviance with a special emphasis on the retail industry. Our principal research activity is the National Retail Security Survey, a nationwide annual study now in its eleventh year comprised of the most recent empirical data on retail loss prevention, asset protection, and security activities.

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