Security Camera Software

Remote Eyes Security Camera Software


The Remote Eyes Drive Thru Expediter (DTE) improves the accuracy of Drive-Thru order fulfillment, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and higher throughput for Quick Service Restaurants with Drive-Thru lanes.

DTE  security camera software also supports dual Drive-Thru lane configurations, allowing customers to order concurrently and approach the payment and food expediting windows in any order while still maintaining accuracy of order fulfillment.



MultiView - Connect up to 128 Cameras on ten different Remote Eyes Servers! MultiView also supports viewing of up to 32 cameras at one time with multiple monitors. Key building block for Video Central Station Monitoring.

Compatible with all versions of Remote Eyes, including Remote Eyes servers, Fortress Servers, Mini-Servers, and Watchdog Pro.

Available as software only or bundled with a compatible monitoring workstation