About Us

About odyssey technologies,inc.

Founded in 1997, Odyssey Technologies, Inc. operates from its headquarters location in Hanover, Maryland with field offices in Louisville, Kentucky and Atlanta, Georgia. Odyssey provides customers worldwide with equipment and software solutions in the following product categories:

PC-based Hybrid DVRs

Odyssey’s RESolution™ line of PC-based DVRs offer the best value available in today’s market by delivering high performance at an attractive and affordable price point. Available in both Standard Edition (SE) and Real-Time (RT) configurations, RESolution DVRs feature:

  • Windows 7 platform with secure desktop
  • Up to 32 analog channels per system
  • Each video channel has audio input available
  • Up to 64 IP channels per system
  • Recording speeds up to 30fps per channel (RT version)
  • Video archive up to 12 terabytes
  • Integrated spot monitor output (standard feature)
  • Digital zoom
  • PC, Smartphone, Tablet client software
  • H.264 hardware compression

POS integration

Odyssey’s proprietary and industry-leading POSWatch™ and POSWatch™ Enterprise software integrates with the most popular POS systems used in retail and hospitality establishments. Our software also integrates with ATM machines for banking applications and access control systems for use in property management.

IP Cameras

Odyssey offers a complete line of IP camera solutions ranging from low-end mega-pixel bullets and domes up to sophisticated PTZ and panoramic (360 degree) domes. All Odyssey IP cameras feature H.264 compression, ONVIF compatibility, Web client GUI, and PoE capability. Odyssey IP cameras are designed to be managed by our RESolution DVRs or NVR software.

NVR Software

For customers desiring a pure IP solution, Odyssey sells its industry-leading Remote Eyes RESolution video management software as a licensed solution for installation on customer-provided equipment. RESolution NVR software is offered for a low one-time flat license fee. There are no annual fees and no per channel license fees. RESolution NVR software offers all software features found on our RESolution DVRs, including support for POS integration.


Standalone DVRs

For customers desiring an entry-level high quality professional video surveillance system without the flexibility and add-on features of a PC-based system, Odyssey’s line of standalone DVRs offers excellent video quality and performance at a low-end price point. Standard features include:

  • H.264 video compression
  • Multiple analog input channels
  • Web client supporting IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari
  • Smartphone interface
  • Up to 6 terabytes recording archive

Remote Video Audits

After investing in video management systems, customers need to incorporate the systems’ capabilities into their companies’ daily operations to maximize their return on investment. Often customers lack dedicated core staff to focus on making the most of their video system’s potential value. For these customers, outsourcing to a third-party service provider makes good business sense. Odyssey’s remote video audit services (StoreAudit™ and SiteAudit™) are designed with these customers in mind. Audit services can be used with any network accessible video system to track, monitor, and measure any customer-defined business metric or activity at each customer location. Customers can use audit services to go well beyond loss prevention and measure operational effectiveness at serving customers, delivering orders, optimizing staff levels, employee training, cleanliness, food safety, and many other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Drive Thru Automation

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) customers who run dual-lane or Y-lane drive thru configurations need a solution for achieving high levels of order accuracy. The Remote Eyes Drive-Thru Expediter (DTE) software provides drive-thru lane workers with a wall-mount touchscreen display that shows with 100% accuracy each drive-thru customer vehicle labeled by ticket number with order details readily accessible. QSR customers use DTE to achieve 100% order accuracy in complex drive-thru lane configurations without having to ask their customers to repeat their orders at the payment or food delivery windows.