• Let Remote Eyes Turbo-Charge your Business

    Only Remote Eyes offers a comprehensive suite of integrated video management equipment and software products designed to solve your thorniest business productivity problems. Our surveillance equipment services and support will be there to support your business success.

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  • PC-based DVRs

    The Remote Eyes RESolution line of video management systems offers users the best performance, remote transmission, and video search capability of any product in its class. Featuring H.264 hardware compression, 4CIF resolution, expansion up to 64 channels with integrated audio, optional POS network integration, and hybrid network mega-pixel camera support, Remote Eyes RESolution delivers advanced features and performance capabilities at a very affordable price.

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  • IP Cameras

    Remote Eyes IP cameras deliver real-time H.264 streaming video, integrated audio, and mega-pixel performance in a variety of housings to match your surveillance requirements

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  • Entry-level Surveillance Equipment

    The economical Remote Eyes Standalone DVR features the latest in H.264 video compression technology, high resolution recording, remote viewing, and simple operations. Our Standalone line provides a new level of affordability and quality in the CCTV industry. Standalone DVRs are ideally suited for cost sensitive customers who do not require the advanced software integration and multi-site management capabilities of our RESolution PC-based line

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  • Loss Prevention

    Using Remote Eyes Advanced POS/ATM Integration software, connecting your CCTV system with your POS, ATM, or access control system is easier, more reliable, and cost effective. Remote Eyes uses Internet Protocol (IP) network technology to leapfrog the serial data integration products commonly used in the industry. Our Enterprise class Loss Prevention software allows you to manage all of your stores from a central location

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  • Business Intelligence

    Remote Eyes StoreAudit™ and SiteAudit™ remote video audit services deliver the information you need to track your
    business' Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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  • Drive-Thru Automation

    The Remote Eyes Drive-Thru Expediter (DTE) improves the accuracy of Drive-Thru order fulfillment, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and higher throughput for Quick Service Restaurants with Drive-Thru lanes. DTE also supports dual Drive-Thru lane configurations, allowing customers to order concurrently and approach the payment and food delivery windows in any order while still maintaining accuracy of order fulfillment.

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Food costs are everything in the QSR business, and my food costs are the best around thanks in large part to the complete coverage provided by Remote Eyes. The system literally pays for itself in 90 days. The XML integration with Sicom is far superior to the older Y-cable serial data capture method, and the remote view image quality is the best I have seen. The Remote Eyes team has been great to work with and highly responsive to the unique needs of my store operations.

-: J. Naparlo, Owner of N&R Dining :-

Why Choose Remote Eyes?

  • Pioneer in digital video surveillance equipment since 1997
  • Undisputed market leader in POS Integration software
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Highly reliable and cost-effective equipment options
  • Best service and support in the industry
  • Experienced team of industry veterans

The Remote Eyes system gives us everything we need to manage our business efficiently. The image quality is outstanding, and the integration with our Micros POS makes Remote Eyes an indispensable tool for managing our front office operation and protecting our cash flow.

-: Jamie Neuberger, owner of Bill Bateman’s Bistro - Golden Ring :-

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